Brynne Billingsley (Owner/Pilates and Thai Yoga Bodywork Practitioner)

Brynne has shared her passion for Pilates with the Williamsburg community for most of the last decade, and is thrilled to now bring the community Progressive Pilates Williamsburg.  She has taught Pilates throughout NYC and abroad and is very thankful for her devoted and loyal following.

Brynne took full advantage of Mr. Pilates' lasting legacy in NYC and received her teacher training and mat certification from Pilates masters Kelly Kane at the Kane School for Core Integration and a 600-hour Pilates Machine Certification from Lawson Harris (Pilates Elder Carola Trier) at Half Moon Pilates (PMA). Always seeking to continue her education, Brynne has completed numerous courses in anatomy and biomechanics including muscular imbalances, scapular stability, scoliosis, sciatica, the sacro-iliac joint, and the psoas muscle.  Additionally, she has extensive training and experience with and has lead workshops for both the prenatal and postpartum client. She enjoys working with all kinds of people including athletes, lawyers, dancers, circus performers, moms, and those with injuries and special rehab needs. 

In addition to teaching Pilates, Brynne is also a professional dancer and uses her experience with various movement techniques to inform her teaching method. Her teaching style is upbeat and challenging, yet thoughtful and centering with an emphasis on breath, alignment, nuance, and personal awareness. Brynne also practices the deeply rejuvenating massage form, Thai Yoga Bodywork, and incorporates this therapeutic knowledge into her Pilates sessions.  Currenlty she is furthering her knowledge of the human form with training in the highly nuanced correctional bodywork, Neurosomatic Therapy through Neurosomatic Educators. She has been featured on national tv programming including ABC News and Dr. Oz. 

Brynne has been recognized on numerous accounts as both an artist and a teacher. She was invited to teach dance and Pilates at residencies and universities throughout the United States and Europe. As a dancer, she has had the unique experience of body-doubling for Bjork in her music video, Wanderlust, and with her dance company Misnomer Dance Theater was featured as "one of the top ten dance performances" by the New York Times. She currently creates dance compositions for stage, site, and film with her company Brynne Billingsley & Artists. Brynne would like to thank her amazing teachers and mentors Erika Bloom, Kuan Hui Chew, Christine Wright, Summer Quashie, and Jonas Westring for sharing their wisdom and passion for teaching with her.  To find out more about Brynne's dance projects, please visit


Cristina Rubio (Pilates /Reflexology/Reiki Practitioner)

 Cristina Rubio was born and raised in Colombia. She began her movement training as a professional belly dancer and toured for years throughout the US with Bellyqueen Dance Company. She came to practice Pilates as a complementary workout and for core integration.  Cristina acquired her Pilates certification from renowned Pilates master teacher, Erika Bloom. She is also a certified reflexologist by the ARCB and a Reiki practitioner.  Cristina has trained in The Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries (FAMI) at Kinected and has studied with Lesley Powel, Kuan Hui Chew, Erika Bloom, and of course with Brynne Billingsley, her first Pilates teacher who inspired her to follow this path.  She is fascinated with various somatic modalities and continues to be inspired by the various ways she can share this knowledge of the human body with others. 


Andrea Lanzetti (Pilates Practitioner) 

Andrea has been dancing since the early age of six. She went on to study dance at DeSales University, earning her degree in 2010. Dancing professionally has made Andrea extremely aware of the body and all that goes into treating it with care.  After discovering her passion for Pilates, she received her Mat certification through LindaFit in 2012, and her Comprehensive Pilates Certification through the Center for Movement in 2014. Her mat class is designed to help the individual find their own personal balance of strength, flexibility, breath, and body awareness. Her teaching style stems from the classical Pilates method, the way Joe Pilates intended, while adding modern variations to please the needs of her clients.  Providing a challenging, yet well balanced experience for the body and mind is what she hopes to provide for all of her clients.  Andrea currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and continues to dance professionally while also teaching Pilates classes in both group settings as well as in private settings. She continues to take classes elsewhere as well to educate herself further and keep her body happy and well.

Benjamin S. Headshot.jpeg

Benjamin Stuber (Pilates Practioner)

Benjamin has been involved with the Pilates community for nine years. After two decades of fascinated study of numerous bodymind integration methods (The Six Viewpoints, Body Mind Centering™, Developmental Movement Technique, Shamatha meditation, Butoh dance, Aerial Arts), Pilates has become the central focus of his teaching. Benjamin believes that good movement is inherently healing for the total self, and continues to pursue a contemporary understanding of the original teachings Pilates brought to the world. He holds a Pilates certification from The Art of Fitness in NYC, a BA in Theatre from Oberlin College, an MFA in Theatre – Contemporary Performance from Naropa University, is certified by the Pilates Method Alliance, in 2015 graduated from the Kathy Grant Heritage Training® taught by Cara Reeser, and has over 16,000 hours of Pilates teaching experience under his belt. His teaching specialities include spinal health, inversions, archival Pilates exercises and Pilates history, asymmetrical variations, and aerial arts-based Pilates. Benjamin continues to study with various master teachers to further enrich his understanding of Contrology.


Shelby Dinslage (Pilates Practitioner)

 Shelby Dinslage, originally from San Diego, California received her BFA in Dance from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. Introduced to Pilates through her dance training, she decided to pursue further training and became a graduate of Polestar Pilates. Shelby was a part of the first ever evidence-based comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program at the university level linked through Rutgers University. After completing her training with New York Pilates and dance teacher, Kim Gibilisco, she traveled to Germany to complete her internship with Polestar's European Coordinator, Alexander Bohlander. Interested in constantly furthering her education, Shelby is eager to continue explorations between the connections of movement and body through her teaching. She is excited to help others discover the same joy she feels when moving!


Kristen Rizzuto (Pilates Practitioner)

The mechanics of the body have always fascinated Kristen, who grew up dancing in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was this fascination & love of movement that led her to pursue a bachelor's degree of Fine Arts in Dance Performance and Choreography from the University of Southern Mississippi, where she took courses in Anatomy, Kinesiotherapy, and Biomechanics. After moving to New York and working closely with Brynne Billingsley, Kristen was exposed to the awesomeness of Pilates to recondition the body and as a means to improve overall posture and fitness. Kristen obtained her Pilates Mat Certification from the Kane School of Core Integration, and is currently working toward her Apparatus Certification.


Mila Nova (Pilates Practitioner)

Mila Nova is passionate about helping people lead a healthier lifestyle. She was born in Azerbaijan (FSU), grew up in Israel, and moved to NYC when she was a teenager (about 16 years ago). Her upbringing gives her a unique perspective on the world and on people. She has a strong intuition about what makes people feel good about themselves and applies those techniques in her teaching. She has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology but her real love has always been about fitness and wellness. Mila received her Pilates Comprehensive: Mat and Apparatus, Teacher Training Certification from Balanced Pilates NYC. She has experience training with prenatal, postnatal, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, and posture improvement. Mila is a creative out of the box thinker, she's caring and sensitive, and believes that everyone has the ability to improve their own well-being. She's committed to making that happen.



Monica Mordaunt.jpeg

Monica Mordaunt (Pilates practitioner)

Monica Mordaunt is a Brooklyn based performer and movement instructor.  Her teaching practice began as a dance teacher after attending Chapman University for her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree and furthered when she became a RYT-200 Hatha Flow yoga instructor through Cloud Nine Yoga.   She continued to deepen her movement teaching practice at the Kane School of Core Integration receiving her Pilates Mat and equipment certifications.  Her teaching practice is based on somatic principles, anatomy, breath, and the mind body connection. 


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Charlie LaRose (Pilates Practitioner)

Charlie was introduced to Pilates during the years she trained and toured with dance companies as a classical ballet and tango dancer in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  After several injuries and a move to Los Angeles, California, she began her transition into yet another physically demanding career as a stunt actress.  Pilates remained part of her fitness and rehabilitative regiment as she trained and performed several high-risk stunts such as: jumping off buildings, crashing motorcycles, and advance fight choreography.  In 2016, Charlie moved from Los Angeles to New York City and quickly commenced the process to obtain her mat and equipment Pilates teacher certifications at Gramercy Pilates.  In 2018, Charlie received her prenatal Pilates certification from East River Pilates in Brooklyn. With a vast knowledge of physical injuries and conditions, Charlie is able to work with a variety of clients, helping them achieve their physical goals as they simultaneously undergo preventative conditioning to avoid future injuries and conditions. Charlie’s approach to teaching Pilates is scientific, technical, and rigorous.  She emphasizes the use of breath and activation of the (often neglected) pelvic floor muscles to ensure the client benefits as much as possible from each session.  During a class or private session with Charlie, the client(s) will be safely challenged and educated about their body to achieve the essential mind-body connection.