In our Privates Pilates sessions our expert practitioners will listen to your concerns and goals and customize a unique program that will incorporate the proven Pilates method to help transform your body.  Whether your goals are core strengthening and flexibility, injury prevention or post-rehabilitation, stress relief and relaxation, weight loss, or simply getting into shape and feeling better, a private session will give you the results you are looking for. 

Introductory Package | 3 Private Pilates Sessions | $195 | 1 month expiration

1 Session | $100

10 Session Package | $900 | 3 month expiration

20 Session Package | $1700 | 6 month expiration

50 Session Package | $4000 | 1 Year expiration


1 Session | $125

10 Session Package | $1150 | 3 month expiration

20 Session Package | $2100 | 6 month expiration

50 Session Package | $4750 | 1 year expiration


One Private Session | $140

10 Session Package | $1250 | 3 month expiration

20 Session Package | $2300 | 6 month expiration

50 Session Package | $5250| 1 year expiration


1 Duet Session | $60 per person

Please note limited studio hours for duet sessions.


$65 per person



We offer the following services to compliment your Progressive Pilates Program. These services in addition to your program will be sure to transform your body.

1 Private Session | $110

1 Private In Home Session | $130

Private Yoga

Enjoy a unique breath centered Yoga experience with a focus on proper alignment. Linking breath with movement, this practice has the power to leave one feeling aligned physically, mentally and spiritually. Classes are typically taught with breath counts and mindful hands on adjustments, guiding one through the practice in a thoughtful, safe process.

restorative yoga

Supporting the body in various poses with bolsters, blankets, eye pillows and belts, we will balance the parasympathetic nervous system enabling subtle openings that will reestablish physical and mental harmony.





Come experience Progressive Pilates' signature style in an energetic mat class utilizing props including foam rollers, thera-bands, and stability balls. Work through traditional Pilates mat fundamentals and challenging new concepts to create progressive sequences effectively engaging the entire body.  Group mat classes are 50 minutes and begin on the hour unless otherwise noted on class schedule.

Introductory Package | 3 Small Group Mat Classes | Excluding Prenatal | $45

Single Class including mat rental | $25

5 Class Package | $100 | 2 month expiration

10 Class Package | $180 | 4 month expiration


Pilates during pregnancy not only keeps a woman’s body fit and healthy, but also prevents unwanted pregnancy side effects such as back pain, shoulder tension, foot swelling and poor circulation.  Pilates provides pelvic and core strengthening which support a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery.  Additionally, Pilates is great for getting your body back once the baby comes.

We specialize in customized sessions for the Prenatal and Postpartum woman.


Thai Yoga Bodywork blends the ancient wisdom of the East with the Western scientific and anatomical knowledge to create a deeply therapeutic and healing massage treatment.  Thai Yoga sessions emphasize bio-mechanical alignment principles and include myofascial stretching, joint mobilization, energy balancing, hatha yoga postures, acupressure and reflex point therapy, rhythmic palming, deep tissue compression, toning of internal organs, pranayama (breathing), and mindfulness meditation. 

60 minutes | $150

90 minutes | $180

120 minutes | $210

In Home Massage 60 minutes | $180



Corrective Postural Therapy

A Progressive Pilates signature service, we will delve deep into your posture, identifying mis-alignments and faulty mechanics and explore the structural versus functional component of your posture. We will then offer corrective exercises and increased proprioception that will change your habits, creating new patterns that you can take into your Pilates practice and into your life.


Our feet are out foundation and the key to our organs and nervous system. Nerves will be stimulated by the application of pressure to the feet and hands resulting in a deeply relaxing sensation. This allows the organs to release toxins, the blood to flow freely, and the body to find a profound sense of balance.

Breath work and Meditation

We believe that Breath is the key to a balanced body and mind. Examining the body's inherent ability to replenish the somatic, nervous and spiritual systems, we will explore concepts of breath and create rituals for relaxation and restoration utilizing essential oils to awaken your self healing. Get ready for truly transformative work that you can take with you into the world.



Progressive Pilates Williamsburg has a mandatory 24-Hour cancellation policy. All cancellations should be done via email: Failure to cancel within 24-hours the client forfeits the entire cost of the session.